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Oct 24, 2012 5:00am EDT
that mitt romney is. is amount is supporting him. governor romney has said that senator'ses with the views. >> i am fired up right now. >> the race is tight. romney is leading president obama by one percentage point in an abc poll. without romney up or down, the is even closer, the by adates separated fraction of a point. schedules are' not slowing down. two states today for romney and obama. tahman bradley , abc news. >> donald trump says he will make a aboutnouncement today president obama. has been critical of the president and says the announcement could impact the presidential race. the announcement is expected at noon. he says he will make the announcement on facebook and twitter. 9.:0 >> see how residence president obama: i'm barack obama and i approve... this message. anncr: victims. dependent. that's what mitttt romney calld forty-seven percent... of americans. including people on medicare. but what aboutis plan for you? romney would replace guarantd benefits with a voucher system seniors could pay six thousand dollars more a year. a plan aarp says would undermine medicare. yore n
Oct 22, 2012 5:00am EDT
between president obama and challenger mitt romney. y will tackle foreign debate tonight's university in boca raton, florida. brianne carter is in a satellite a preview of tonight's event. >> good morning. president obama has been david while camp mitt romney is in florida. analysts say the first debate romney and the second went to obama. be a final chance rs.convince vote a final face-off. foreign policy will take center stage, an issue that sparked fireworks in the second debate. it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi inca terror attack. transcript. >> he did in fact. >> the u.s. attack in libya -- on the u.s. consulate libya is expected to be among the topics. president obama is winning in poll showsd another the race as a dead heat. >> the challenge for the be defining the middle east strategy going for it. has had some successes and s that are still murky. for romney, there's a broad challenge. that is how do you drill down to policies? the republican party is not t what a republican foreign-policy looks like. hear whate eager to side has to say to
Oct 23, 2012 5:00am EDT
will be conducted this morning. president obama and mitt romney final debate last which focused on foreign policy. the men agreed on some issues on many others. later this morning both of them will hit the road to talk to beforejust two weeks election day. brianne carter is live outside the white house with more from the debate. good morning. >> good morning. as the candidate's head back on trail, the topic shift back to the economy. last night it was all about policy.- analysts say there was not a clear-cut winner, but president obama did do well and was impressive. meanwhile, governor romney did necessarily hurt or help his campaign. sitting face to face a debating forum policy, president obama challenged each other on critical issues. they were quick to talk about the middle east. >> your strategy previously has been one that has been all over the map and is not designed to americans safe or to build that exist ines the middle east. we are talking about how to middle east reject the seeing terrorism we are and the rising tide of confusion. attacking me is not an agenda. attacking me is not tal
Oct 26, 2012 5:00am EDT
. -- with no threat to the public. >> president obama has a live interview with mtv today. >> mitt romney will be campaigning in iowa. the focus turns to a patrol boats in ohio. >>-- the focus turns to ohio for electoral votes. >> whoever wins the price data will most certainly win the white house -- whoever wins the buckeye state will almost certainly win the white house. the president was campaigning there last night. >> if mitt romney had been president when the automobile industry was on the verge of collapse, we might not have an american auto industry today. it supports one eighth of ohio jobs. >> romney is fighting back. >> my priority is jobs. we will get them here in ohio. >> both campaigns are trying to lock down their supporters and get them to the polls now in states that have early voting. the president cast his vote yesterday in chicago. first lady michelle obama joked about the obama camp's turnout effort on jimmy kimmel. as the campaign winds down, the race has taken a nasty turn. president obama, joking about children and the election and said, "kids have good instincts,
Oct 25, 2012 5:00am EDT
lady michelle obama in los angeles and on jimmy kimmel live tonight. mitt romney is on the road holding a campaign event in ohio today. crisscrossing that state. n the in virginia will rallies in .harlottesville and bristol >> new revelations that sniper , 10 years after the sniper shootings, he said he was sexually abused by his accomplice john allen mohammed. he said in happen from when he years old until he was arrested. the felt a sense of shame and that it took years for him to come to terms with the abuse. john allen mohammed was malvoed 2009 and lee boyd sentence. a life >> the school system in montgomery county will consider implementing a later start times for the highs schools after a push from parents. they are skeptical that such a measure would pass. an online petition to push back the 7:25 start time has gathered 6000 signatures so far. 5:06 on this thursday morning, degrees. >> still ahead, local utility companies and homeowners in are not takingas with 13 sandy. are not takingas with 13 sandy. we have a oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, that's white chocolate and p
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5